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About us - Mark from Caravangelists

Hello, I'm Mark...

...happy husband to Sarah, and one half of Caravangelists.
I have worked in the HR field for around 25-years, mainly because I wasn’t very good at anything else!
I’m currently part-way through studying a Theology course. I preach at our church and lead some of the Sunday services, as well as help out teaching the kids in Sunday Club. I like history, country music and watching most sports, in between resting, eating and having a beer.

Sarah from Caravangelists

I'm Sarah...

...and, after enjoying a 24-year career as a primary school teacher, moved onto childminding in our home. I really enjoy getting the little ones outdoors in God’s wonderful creation and encouraging a curiosity in them about the world in which they live.
I’m Church Secretary at Staines Congregational Church and God has blessed me with good organisational and communication skills. I like to read, make resin bits and bobs, potter around, drink Prosecco and cuddle with my pooches!

Ruby and Martha, whippets

Ruby and Martha...

...are our whippets. They are full siblings with 18 months between them. They are typical whippets – bursting with energy and run like the wind before sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the day! They are hugely affectionate though slightly nervous.
We’ve found that they are the best ice-breaker when it comes to starting conversations with people.

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